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From our humble beginnings, as a first generation company, we have learnt that the pillars for a strong corporate foundation are transparency, ethics and values. At Meda Group our guiding light is to deliver best in class tenements on these basic tenets. There cannot be any compromise because owning a house is a matter of pride and a lifelong ambition. We believe that, through our commitment to the customer, we are forging communities of the future.

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Our mission is to become a leading realty house by meeting promises such as timely delivery with emphasis on quality. We are different because we do not claim to hold land parcels and do not claim to have changed the realty industry. As entrepreneurs we can promise you that we want to make it big with the blessing of every home owner’s smile. So come be a part of our story.

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I was fresh out of college when I made way in to Bangalore in search of a dream. All I wanted to do was become an entrepreneur. I arrived here with nothing, but with a background in mechanical engineering the only skills that I carried with me was my tenacity to learn continuously and my eye for detail to execute ideas. Time has its way and the real estate business was where my moorings as an entrepreneur were cast. As an apprentice, with different contractors, I understood that in the realty business half the battle is won when you can take away all the difficulties that culminate in building a house away from the mind of the aspiring home owner.

There is an old saying that a man achieves nirvana when he manages the finances involved in building a house and conducting a marriage. While I can safely say that I have achieved the former, the beast of burden continues to be my master. I am humbled with what I see every day because people work all their lives to save up to money to buy a house. It is the one thing that is common to all human beings and it is a dream that can make or break a person. This made me realize who I was and why I was doing this. The seeds of Meda Group sprouted from these experiences and observations.

The core proposition of our company is to make customers realize that when they buy a house from us they are not only going to live their dream but are going to get what was promised to them. We are not margin seekers and neither do we want to be frivolous, with our customers, by compromising on quality. It is my vision to create a professionally managed realty company that makes ‘continuous-innovation’ and ‘constant-learning’ its key differentiators. Only then will we be able to create a sustainable community and lay the foundations for a brand with a powerful corporate identity.

M Nishanth
  • Founder and Managing Partner